Play 1 vs. 100 trivia games on the internet

To play 1 vs 100 on the internet and win money you can go to a website that offers online trivia games with money prizes. While the actual format of 1 vs 100 on NBC is not available for money games, there are now websites where you can play games like 1 vs 100, they are similar but not exactly the same. These websites offer game-show like trivia games with the same look and feel and even music similar to 1 vs. 100. Playing these games will feel very familiar to you if you know how to play 1 vs. 100. Basically you need to answer trivia questions in a general knowledge quiz.

Some websites try to copy the game play in 1 vs. 100 while others focus on other popular TV gameshow formats like who wants to be a millionaire or the weakest link.

Unlike when you play 1 vs 100 on NBC, winning money in online trivia games sites you usually compete with other players and if you win, take the pot of entry fees, so you are not taking money from the organizers of the game, but from the other players. This means that to win money when you play 1 vs 100 on the internet, you have to be quite good in playing trivia games. Some site though, like, also hand out cash prizes to their players in free-roll competitions. To win this money you still need to be good, but you don’t have to stake any of your own money to give it a try, since joining the games is free, so a website like this with freeroll tournaments would be a good start in trying to make money when you play 1 vs 100 on the internet. other games like are you smarter than a fifth grader online free site are available too

Sirlinksalot – 1 vs. 100

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