If you are interested in challenging yourself with free online games such as online trivia quizzes and free trivia games, than 1 vs 100 free online game is the game for you. One of the best online trivia games that the internet has to offer, is the trivia game based on the TV show 1 vs 100.

Free online 1 vs 100  trivia game, which is similar to the NBC 1 vs 100 tv show, is about one person who plays against a mob. The differences are that when playing 1 vs 100 free online game  you don’t get to play 1vs100 online for money, and you don’t play in front of an audience, but rather in the comfort of your home pc. True, you can’t earn real money when you play 1 vs 100 free online, but winning money is not the main purpose for an online trivia players. The most important fact is to have fun and to increase your knowledge in many interesting subjects.

When you play 1 vs 100 free online game you can also enjoy the game with your family. You can all sit together and race each other. It can be a quality time you spend with your loved ones. Another benefit to this free trivia online game is that you don’t need to download 1 vs 100 if you don’t really want to (or know how). In order to play 1 vs 100 trivia game online you just have to go to your favorite free online games trivia website and start playing. There is a variety of websites to choose, you just need to google “1 vs 100” and you get many websites which allows you to play online 1 vs 100 for free.