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1 vs 100 is one of the most popular game shows ever played on commercial TV. There is no equivalent 1 vs 100 free game for real cash jackpots but it is very likely that there will be one soon – maybe on www.1vs100.com or www.1vs100online.com. Until that time, there are plenty of other trivia games on the internet that offer you to play vs. other players in a TV game show atmosphere like in the NBC show.

If you want to play trivia check out the games in 247trivia.com, the most popular trivia game show on the net.  You can click the banner on top of this page to go there directly. 247trivia offers free trivia games as well as games you can play for money, including Win-Win which is a sports game, and an all new game show “The Trivia table”, which is a lot like an online version of the 1 vs. 100 game because you play against several other players. You can find thousands of trivia questions online and practice in free games before playing for money. This will help hone your trivia skills as well as improving your rating in the games, which is the score that other players see next to your name.

check our Play 1 vs 100 page or watch 1 vs 100 youtube.com clips like this first millionaire win:

Check our Play 1 vs 100 page or watch 1 vs 100 youtube.com clips like this first millionaire win:

There are 2 versions of the game, one for general knowledge and one for entertainment, and there are a few features that help you pass tough questions, like 50% 50% which eliminates 2 answers out of 4, one possibility to change question, and one to get more time, and the help costs money. It is almost like you play who wants to be a millionaire online! You chose when and if you want to use the help feature and you also pay for it, but sometimes that brings you to the last question, number 15, which holds the jackpot. The biggest jackpot won so far was above $750, which is bigger than what most other trivia or even bingosites give, and it is won with lots of knowledge, strategy and sharpness of the mind.